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Monday, May 30, 2011

Final view!

You may remember that I had a project I started for one of my sisters that is to be getting married in June.........Well, I am done quilting and it is a complete project.  I am normally a procrastinator, but I am finished at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!!!  Here is the final project.  I chose yellow, navy blue and a couple shades of green.  The picture does not show the navy blue as well as it is in person.  I am naming it  "Whiny Meadow".  Now, she can stop whining about not getting a quilt!!!
completely done!!

I did an overall free motion quilting until I reached the borders and then I put a different design in each border to add to the looks of the quilt.  I used a blendable thread in the "hook" motif.  I am really enjoying the look of the quilt.

Innies and Outies or swirls ---looks like rolling water waves.

In the outside border I quilted hearts and loops---perfect for a wedding quilt!!
As a final touch and decided to embroider the Bride and Groom's name and wedding date on the quilt.  I centered it at the top of the quilt. 

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  1. It's the perfect gift and will be treasured. Nice Job