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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some of the local wildlife

We have had a little family of foxes that have moved in just up the road....about 50 yards from my chicken....but they are so sweet that I can't see getting rid of them.
They are so precious even tho it is eating a chicken, not mine......

On the way to feed cows, about 11 miles from my house, I see a swift fox and she has 4 babies....the babies went back into the den before I could get a picture of them, but I caught the mom....will try to follow up with babies soon.

I love watching the moms take off to get you away from the den and the babies....they are protecting them by trying to lure you away!!

Thought you might want to see some of the other babies I have to work around....besides cows and calves...this is the other part of my job:

These are all being shipped to breeders, so I won't see babies until after the mom's are bred and ready to come home....I love having the babies around...they are so sweet!!

Monday, May 28, 2012


I have truly enjoyed getting in quilts from ladies that are wanting help quilting their finished products....I have found that I enjoy putting the finishing touches on these beautiful pieces of art.  I have been called an "ARTIST"....who me, I just have a good time sewing all over a quilt top.  Have you really stopped to think that we are ARTISTS?  We create beauty and love what we do, no matter how perfect, ugly or creative!!!
This is the latest to come off the machine.  It turned out really nice....the customer took oriental fabric and placed the black sashing between the pieces to give the window affect.  Blacks and gold, so I decided to come back in with a mustard gold to quilt over the whole quilt to bring it all together.  With all the straight lines in the piecing, I came back with a lot of curves in the quilting!!!  Feathers and swirls, they look soft and elegant.
 The borders of her quilt

Friday, May 25, 2012

Talking about ugly

The word "ugly" is used in so many different ways.....that is an ugly face, that looks ugly, she was acting ugly.....however you use ugly, is what I think about the latest project.  I absolutely love reproduction civil war fabric, so I decided to use all the civil war fabrics I have collected to make a "scrappy" quilt.  I had gotten a jellyroll, so that was the start of the design....2 1/2 inch strips, what an easy start and I love fall colors, so I had several yards of a rust color fabric....that reminded me of a civil war color....so I started sewing the strips together in a log cabin type design, alternating the civil war fabrics and the rust fabric....This is the result:
The pink sticks out like a bloody nose....then I thought that when I got it quilted it would work just fine....

this is the design throughout the quilt....the borders have different quilting....the quilting is nice!  I will bind it in the rust and hopefully pull it all together, but there are times you get done with a top and think "what was I thinking".....that is exactly what I thought.

This is what I quilted in the 2 borders.....like the quilting, just think I should not have used the rust, but what can you say after it is all done?! 
Our son likes it, so he will be warm this winter....and there is love poured into it!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back from the depths!!

Oh my goodness, I feel as if I am back from the depths of total loss!!!  I have been without a computer for a while: it started with my computer not wanting to download onto the blog and then slowly began shutting down whenever it felt the need --- yes, just shut off, nothing but black screen.  I got tired of fighting it, so I took it in to find that a part of my hard drive was starting to fail.....well, this mean--GET A NEW SOMETHING!!! I got a new hard drive and I am back up and running.
Here are a few things you missed:
Well, I got a coupe for some chickens moved in from down the road....and got 5 laying hens, a rooster and that just didn't seem like enough, sooooooooo I went shopping and bought 4 little one to add to it, but that still just didn't seem like there would be very many eggs when they all grew up, so I went back and got another 21......Now we are in the chicken business.  Love to watch them and love to here the rooster crow in the mornings and most of the day!!!
Rooster: AKA-Paint.....he is so pretty and his tail feathers have a green tint to them

The man of the yard watching his ladies

A few of the new additions to the crop!!

Penny seems to like her new home.....I am waiting on the egg!!!
Ok.....I know it is crazy to want chickens, but I love watching them and they are so funny....you should see when there is a miller in the light--simple country life--but many times it is a joy!!  \
This is just one more chore on the list of many.  My loving spouse says..."how bout some pigs"....had those when our kids showed, but really didn't seem to like them around much...they are so ungrateful and make terrible messes, NO THANKS!!!  Horses, dogs, chickens and cattle that is about all we can handle and sometime I think we are running crazy now....so until next time, enjoy the gifts God has given you!!