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Friday, September 5, 2014


I was asked to do a "reversible" quilt...it is a T-shirt quilt on both sides.
There are several concerns I had....How will I keep it even on both sides when I put it on the machine?  What if it is slanted on the back?  What if the back puckers?  All the normal questions come to mind and I mentioned and discussed all my concerns with my customer.  She understand all the things that could go wrong, so as we made the decision to proceed with everything on the table...it turned out really nice.

I started with a 9 patch making sure each of the T-shirts are in each corner....the centers are other fabric

Cut in half top to bottom

Cut in half left to right.... leaving you with 4 squares with the T-shirts in each corner
1 of the 4 pieces from the 9 patches

side 1

side 2

both sides together quilted, bound and ready for customer delivery.