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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in a month.....

Wow, let me start by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.....the month of December is rolling by.  I have been very busy helping others give wonderful handmade gifts for Christmas....I started getting things in Mid November and have gotten everyone finished in time for Christmas. 
 This quilt was in greens and cream.....absolutely gorgeous with all the hand embroidery on it.

 With all the winter scenes with snowflakes and snowmen...I went with an over all snowflake.  I used pearl shimmery thread.  You could see the thread shimmer once in a while, like dancing snowflakes fall on the quilt top.

This quilt came in for a baby...due any day. 
I decided on teddy bears.  This is the back...on top I used a tan-brown multi-colored thread.....

 This one is a Nebraska piece of fleece and so I had to use a fairly loose quilting motif....as I was afraid the fleece may over stretch

With the last name starting with an "S"...I quilted S's throughout....it didn't over stretch or loose its shape.  I was happy with it and the customer seemed to be thrilled with the outcome.
Mater for another....This little guy is going to Texas.  Nick loves the Cars movies and his bathroom is decorated with Cars Movie so adding Mater will be a snap. 
Now I will be working on family things....embroidery machine will be busy and my DM will be getting a little workout also.  I know that the Christmas Season is my favorite Holiday and hope for the joy of Christ in your Christmas, also....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Memory Quilts

I was asked to make a few memory quilts from shirts....I met with a very sweet lady, got the story behind the shirts and the need for the memory quilts.  I was honored to take on this project and found that I really enjoyed coming up with something special for her and her family---See they lost a son and brother and wanted to have something made of his shirts, so that is when I came in and here is what I came up with:
I started with a pile of shirts--about 25 and a pair of sleep pants.  Cutting them into 5 1/2" squares...sewing them into 9 patches and then cutting them in 1/2  top to bottom and side to side.
This is 2 of the 4 blocks
This is what it looks like after you reassemble it.
Here is one of the finished throws.  I just couldn't leave it alone....I had to add a little something to the quilt for the memory of the lost family member...
I decided to embroider his name on a pocket and sew it back on the quilt for her to put a note, picture or whatever in the pocket.  These are Christmas gifts for her family, so I wanted them to be special
Close up of the quilting design.  I used flannel on the back and a multi-color homespun for the binding to bring all the colors together. 
It was fun coming up with a Christmas gift that will surely bring a smile to another person's face.  They will be able to cuddle in and remember Doug as they warm up.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Surprising My Love!!

As most of you know there have been many things happening within our family....My husband has been really stressed and I wanted to do something special for him because he is such an amazing man.  God was in on my surprise....I opened my Facebook page and a site popped up that I didn't know I belonged to and low and behold there I see someone selling Broncos tickets for the game on Sunday....Remind you that he is a die hard Broncos fan and LOVES football.  I call the guy and find out the seat are not in the noise bleed section and he is willing to negotiate the price.  I am not one to wait on a "good deal", so I jumped at the chance to spend the day with my loving husband and do something for him that he has always wanted to do.  GO TO A BRONCOS GAME!!!!  I get the tickets and get a parking pass as a bonus, who can beat such a deal???  I am saying this was God's handy work because I could not have found anything like that on my own.
We made it to and from the Broncos game in Denver without any scratches---
 We got to the field and had a parking ticket for Lot M....a beautiful walk to the stadium....Thru all the tailgates, RV's with BBQ, music and lots of friends having a great time together.
     Empty Stadium...about 2 hours prior to kickoff.

 Manning going into the tunnel

 The statues outside the Sports Authority Shopping area....It was so pretty and peaceful.  There is so much going on outside the stadium....

We had a great time...He was really surprised with the tickets and he did all the "touristy" things.  I had him take a picture with the mascot, we had our sketch done by a cartoonist, we walked all around the stadium taking in all the sites.  It was a whole lot of fun and the vibe in the stadium during the game was amazing.  There had parachute jumpers come into the stadium during the pre-game and THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!

The game was exciting, worth the tickets, drive and crowds....The end of the game was just as exciting. 

Whenever you get a chance to spend time with just your spouse take it, enjoy and make lasting memories.  I took tons of pictures and video....thought this was enough to give you an idea of what we saw...if you haven't been to a pro-game everyone should go.