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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We walked to the MGM and saw the LION display!!  There was the trainer and then behind us happen to be another young man in there -- I am sure for security for the trainer.  They hand feet these gals.  Inside there are a couple of baby cubs and you are allowed for a nominal fee you could get your picture with the baby. 
Video from the Rodeo Finals Grand Entry. The light show for the performance was pretty neat.  Being at the Rodeo was way more fun that watching it on TV.  When they go to commercial on TV--there is a whole lot going on in the arena.  TV only shows the hi-lights.  We loved it and someday hope to be able to go back.  The best part was to see the faces of my family and see the smiles.


This year Christmas came early. We had promised our 2 kids that when they both turned 21 we would take the whole family to Vegas to the National Rodeo Finals. Well, we held up our end of the deal. I took pictures and tried to record our 2010 Christmas. There are lots of memories, but wasn't allowed to take as many pictures as I would have liked. I have been slacking on the pictures to Vegas. I looked thru the pictures and I thought you may not like what I had, but I have had a few requested and I DID PROMISE!!!
This is the the Hotel we stayed in on the strip. Near the New York New York, MGM, Tropicana. We had a great time just walking and seeing the sites.
We walked down to the Belagio and watched the light/water show about 10:30pm. It was amazing and very powerful.
Our main purpose to visit the "sin city" was for the rodeo finals. We, my husband, son, pregnant daughter and her husband, had a great time and enjoyed everything we did. A few photos of the grand entry to one of the nights we attended.
One of the nights we went Charlie Daniels performed and it was just amazing, but I left the camera in the Hotel room, WHO DOES THAT?????? Our son-in-law was about to cry, he loves his music!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish all my followers, friends and family a Merry Christmas. God has blessed us all with a gift and my hope for all is that you use your gift to the fullest. Your life will be filled with joy when you use your gifts. God bless and have a safe and wonderful Holiday.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank Heaven

Here we are a week to Christmas and I have gotten everything moved to our new home, but still have the organizing. I must tell you that it is quite an undertaking to get a sewing room packed, moved and set up again the way you want it. Most of us want a room that is organized and everything in its place. I am one of those and so I tried very hard to pack in an orderly manner, but after getting home from a vacation I found that I just wanted to be moved. Yep, I found myself just putting things in boxes to get it done!!
All cleaned out!!!
Now on to the new home with all my STUFF- and I mean ALL!
The new room is the same size, but feels smaller. I am wanting to build in a counter top and under counter storage. This will have to wait until our finances regroup. For now I am using 2 8ft tables in a "L" shape.
Love the closet, from top to bottom is full of organizing shelving. I am ready to get my sewing room up and going. I want to get things done, so I am going to start this week getting it ready. Enough for today and maybe in the next couple days I will upload vacation pictures. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update on the move

My internet will be up and running tomorrow at my new home, so I am hoping to update you with a few photos on the move, the sewing rooms are difficult to tear down and then set up again.  I am wanting to do some work in the new house on the sewing room, but both time and money are going to make that difficult.  If I wait until I have the money I may not get to set it up for a few months, so I am going to go with what I have.   I was really wanting to rip out the new carpet and put in a tile or wood floor and have counter top for my sewing surface, but I am going to us the 2- 8" tables I have and leave the carpet for now and be happy that I have a place to sew and peace.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Needing Rest

Well, we are back from our vacation in Las Vegas.  What an amazing place to visit.  We went to the National Rodeo Finals for a couple rounds-the grand entry was absolutely beautiful.  Went to see The Lion King musical at the Mandalay Bay Casino and that was the most amazing show I have ever seen.  The costumes and the powerful voices of some very talented people.  We went to the Tourn of King's at Excalibur.  That was a great show of costumes, horsemanship and just fun.  We ate like cavemen - no silverware, very good food and entertainment.   Pictures to follow in a few days.  As I have told you all we are now back into the moving mode, so I may be off for a few days, but hope to be in our new home by the end of the week and then start setting things up to be HOME!!  Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

On the move

Wow, what a whirlwind of things going on.  We closed on our first home yesterday, so now the packing, moving and frustration begins.  What a blessing to have a new, beautiful home on 30 acres.   In just a couple days we fly out to the National Rodeo Finals for our first family vacation.  You all may think we are CRAZY!   Should let you know--WE ARE!!

I will be taking you along with me with the move and on vacation--hope you enjoy the ride!!  I am hoping you remember to laugh, cry and enjoy with us as we take our journey to a new life and new places.