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I am a Grandma with a passion for beauty, joy and life. Finding yourself seems to be the answer to a joyous heart, peaceful soul and quilting does this for me. Putting the Lord first in life keeps me grounded.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Memory quilts....

I love doing memory quilts.  This is something that is both difficult, but such a joy for the family members still here.  I take T-shirts, or clothing and cut the up and put them into quilts.  I use colors that the family member liked and and it to the quilt top...making a pieced top. 

This quilt top was made by a customer and I just added the quilting motif.

Quilting is finished and it is back to the customer to finish the binding.


This customer collected "crown royal" bags and made them into a quilt for her son...

Close up of the quilting on the quilt...


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Old completed

Good Morning followers,
This last year has been a whirl wind....I can't tell you all the blessings that have been going on, so I will just leave it with that.  I now have 3 grand daughters and the 4th grand child is due in March, a boy.  Met my niece in Texas, spent time with my sister and family.  Went to Sheridan, WY to see another sister... a lot of life changes!!
Here are just a few things I have learned in the past several months:
God will give you what your heart desires if you are following Him. 
He will bless you in ways you can never imagine.
New avenues are always open if you are willing to leap in faith.

Been working on finished old found, unfinished projects.  These quilt tops have been brought to me to finish for family gifts.... here are a couple. 
I added a border to this garden, so that it would be easy to bind and finish for a customer.  I had to HAND stitch the border to it, so it looked as if it had been done years ago, when grandma first made the quilt.

finished with the binding

I used a muslin to finish the back...I wanted to keep it as accurate as possible, so I went with a muslin.

finished project.

This top was hand stitched years ago...I went with a white thread to match the backing,

Quilted.....before going back to customer.

The best advice I could give anyone is to try to keep it as close a possible to the original.  The top quilt...I added the green border, well that fabric is 30's reproduction, so I added it to the top by hand so it looked as if it was done when grandma first did the quilt... You don't want to take away from the quilt top, just add texture and movement. 

Try to pick a quilting motif that is simple and not overbearing. 
These family treasures are a joy to complete.