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Saturday, February 9, 2013


I continue to find myself "busy"....how many of you find that time just flies by and you just loose time?   I absolutely love life, but I have found that weeks and sometimes months go by before I have time to post.  I have a goal to post at least monthly, but would like to be able to post weekly....guess God has things planned and forgot to memo me (or I ignored the memo).
I have been busy in the quilting studio...and I am so thankful for all the ladies that have trusted me with their quilt tops...I can't express the joy I get from all the ladies, THANK YOU!!!
This quilt has 30 different blocks and she asked me to quilt something different in each block....it was a challenge, but so much fun to come up with 30 designs...

A sample of 3 blocks....it was so much fun to be creative and add to her quilt.
The back ....I really like using variegated threads....I used a purple/pink/green/black on the top and used a black/grey/cream on the back....
Just reminds me that the beauty we share with each other in our quilts is a reflection of who we are....Take time to enjoy the beauty around!

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  1. Oh Chell - it looks wonderful! Trying to come up with all those designs must have been challenging, but the end result is lovely.