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Monday, February 24, 2014

Memory quilts....

I love doing memory quilts.  This is something that is both difficult, but such a joy for the family members still here.  I take T-shirts, or clothing and cut the up and put them into quilts.  I use colors that the family member liked and and it to the quilt top...making a pieced top. 

This quilt top was made by a customer and I just added the quilting motif.

Quilting is finished and it is back to the customer to finish the binding.


This customer collected "crown royal" bags and made them into a quilt for her son...

Close up of the quilting on the quilt...


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  1. Hey, Chell - glad to see you carrying on with more beautiful quilts. I especially LOVE the scroll quilting design on the sashing! Might use that one myself!

    I'm on this new laptop - yes we finally bit the bullet. Snow here - about 8 inches, but it's light and fluffy and gorgeous!!

    Keep on keepin' on!