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Monday, January 10, 2011

Having Issues

For some crazy reason, my computer is not liking my digital pictures being opened.  When I go to the program it tells me that I have to download.............I hate to inform the computer that I have downloaded a million pictures that are sitting there and I just want to open them and look.  NO....... and right now this computer is in charge.  I am going to win the battle.  I am going to take this equipment to my favorite computer guys and get rid of the little demon inside that won't let me open the pictures.  I love technology, but man it is so frustrating.  I have had this camera for about 6 years, so I suspect that there is a glitch in the program that doesn't have the correct update or something real simple.  Be patient with me and my program.  I can't wait to show you some of the progress in the sewing room.  I still need to get some ideas to be more organized ---actually need to figure out where else to put some of my "treasures" or as my spouse says "crap".   Thanks for all the support and hope to be up and running soon!!!

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  1. LOVE your banner winter scene.

    Issues? LOLOL - wish I could suggest something clever but haven't a clue. Am amazed I can get MINE to behave! Good luck with finding a solution.

    See ya - I'll be bringing my own "crap" to visit you soon. 8-)