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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally recovered!!

It has been a while since posting.  My computer got a little virus--I'm sure it was from the frigid temperatures, don't you all agree??!!!  I have been missing my computer, but now I'm back with the technogeeks!
Thought I'd catch everyone up on what I have been up to besides feeding calves and bedding the barn.
Our daughter did not want the usual ole diaper bag, she wanted something that fits her style (western and different than anyone else), so I found the cutest pattern - it is a diaper bag that looks like a purse, but when you unfold it there is a nice clean place to lay the baby with everything you need right at the end of your fingers.  She chose fabrics that are a rust red that looks like tooled leather and a fabric with bronc riders on it, that says "ride em".  Really goes well with what they are and who she is!!
There are a lot of pieces to this pattern.  I think it will be something she will like and unique......NOBODY else will have this diaper bag!!

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  1. Very Cute! I really like the red you chose, too.