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Monday, February 7, 2011

Frigid Tempuratures!!

This morning I looked out over the deck and saw the sun coming up over the creek and steam was rising--horses are frosted.  Seems to be too cold for man or beast, but look at the beautiful colors.

We are calving heifers right now, I know you all probably are saying to yourselves "it is really too cold to calve this early".  You would be right!!  I was asked to go North of our home about 11 miles to pick up the spouse and needless to say I wish I would have stayed home and told him I just couldn't leave the house.  Being the dutiful wife....I ventured out in a horrible snow blowing blizzard.  It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to go 11 miles.  I could not see the road most of the time from the wind blowing and the snow.  Heavens, I have never seen it so bad.  I was so nervous by the time I got home, my stomach was in hug knots.  So, I am a widow this evening while he stays out at the calving barn to babysit all the babies, night calver and anything else that needs his help.  Stay in, stay warm, but be grateful for all the moisture.  Bless all!!


  1. Yikes - you had to go out in that weather!!! Poor anyone, and poor little new calves. Hope they are inside a barn at least.

    Love the close-up shots of stitches and of your Kaleidoscope WIP!

    Your morning sunrise photo is gorgeous - too bad we have to go out in it.

  2. Bless you heart, I'm sorry for the scary drive! I do remember those calving days for Larry's momma. But you can always sew....*vbg*