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Friday, March 11, 2011

Cozy Beginnings

I started this quilt with my sewing buddy, WISE OLE' "E".  She is like have a wise ole' owl, but knows everything about quilting you may need to learn.  Our sewing day started around 8:30 Sunday the 6th of March and I decided to start a new project that she will be teaching.  I chose some yummy fabrics......warm and down right cozy..
I am always changing things and have chosen the green with a maroon dot on one side and on the other there is a stripe running thru the fabric......very unique. I am using the dotted green in place of the typical red for the center of a log cabin.  I will be using the striped side later in the border.
 Creams, chocolate brown and pinks. 

Starting by sewing a normal log cabin and then when you are all done.......you are going to cut it up.  I know it sounds crazy, but it turns out so nice and it is a beautiful display of colors.

After cutting off corners and rebuilding a square,  squaring up to     8 1/4"----Not much left over so you have to be careful!

9 finished squares positioned  and ready to sew!  It looks really nice and I think it will add warmth to any bedroom!!

I am thinking this quilt will be named "COZY  BEGINNINGS"

The green center gives the block just the right pop and shows that you can step out of the box and make your own statement.   Go for it girls!!


  1. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Nice Job!

  2. Thank you-- that is very sweet of you. I love picking colors to put into quilts.

  3. Wow, Chell -- this is turning out spectacular! That DARK on the outside is fantastic. PLEASE bring it to the Class next weekend! You've done a great job with your colors.

    Wise ole' E!

    P.S. The TV was discovered! LOL

  4. Popped over from "E's" blog. Love your color choice!

  5. I too was sent by "E" These colors just play well together. Lovely.

  6. Ladies, thank you for stopping over. I really appreciate it!!

  7. What a great look this has, you have a very cool accomplishment!

  8. Fantastically new, and innovative. Love it.

  9. Great quilt. Lovely colors. what's the pattern? Or is it something Elaine came up with?

  10. Hey - where are the new baby photos?????? We grammies all over blogland are entitled!!! Wahhhhhh!