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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Betty!!

So sorry I haven't posted in a while....I have been a busy little "Betty".  Betty homemaker, that is....I have been canning veggies, salsa, jellies....you name it I have been doing it. Lots of goodies for the winter as well as great gifts!!! 
This is just a sink full.......I had a wheel barrow, wagon and a large milk crate full of tomatoes.....lotssssss!!!!  Salsa, juice and last but not least- crushed and diced tomatoes.

lugs of peaches.....got 32 jars of jelly and lots of canned peaches....should be ok for the winter!!!
Chiles....coming out our ears.  They sure smell good when they are roasting in the oven!
Every canning season has to have a mishap, right??  Well, this year some of the jelly boiled over and hit the glass top burner....what a mess.
I really have had a busy year with a garden that we thought would not do much its first year.  We tilled a spot up that had never had anything except grass....besides having excellent crops we also raised a great crop of stickers....puncture and sand-burrs.  Really did not like that crop...hey, wonder if you can use them for anything???  Well, sure have missed sewing, but thought I should update you to what was going on in this part of the world.  Thanks for checking in!!


  1. Congratulations on capturing summer's bounty in your Mason jars to enjoy this winter.

  2. I guess you'll be making a lot of spaghetti?

    How wonderful to find your 'new' digs are so productive. 8-)