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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I realized that I did not post a finished product "Pink".  I made this for one of our son's good buddies.....Cody and his girlfriend had a baby girl....after a difficult road with Leukemia.  The boys were seniors when Cody was diagnosed and had to go thru very radical treatment, he is in remission now, but they were really concerned about being able to have children....well, God has a plan for this young man and he is blessed!!!!  Our son wanted to have the colors Pink and White and nothing else, so that is when my mind started to flow.....with a wonderful trip to South Dakota with wise ole "E", fabric was collected.  Here is the finished project:
I added some Jumbo rickrack around the edge for texture....I thought it turned out really nice!


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  2. The pink rick-rack really makes it especially lovely! Good job.

    Wise 'ole' E

  3. It is a pretty pink quilt, I'm glad for the Daddy to have the opportunity to raise a little girl ~

  4. love the ric rac really sets it off. I have tried to follow your blog and it doesn't seem to want me?

  5. sorry to reply to your comment here but you have noreply ..... gretings from downunder I managed to figure out how to follow .... lol ... so I look forward to reading your blog.