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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Ready for a show......

I am finding that getting ready for any type of show is a big mess.....I have things strewed from one end of the sewing room to the other and it overflows into the next two room.....I am anxious to get things done and get organized and cleaned!!! 
See everything is everywhere!!!  I find myself going in circles....but I know there is an end to the mess. 
I decided to start packing the finished projects into a suitcase, so they are all confined....it seems to be helping.  The show is only 2 weeks from today, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I had 1 issue with all the mess....my husband, sweet man that he is, calls at about 10:30am and says "Hey hun, are you able to have something ready for about 14 men by about 5:30 or 6:00pm. to eat?"...Of course, I am thinking to myself........"ARE YOU SERIOUS???,  I HAVE THINGS EVERYWHERE!!!".  You know, I got busy and put on a meal for a crew from the 6666 (Four 6's) Ranch from Texas.  Pulled it off with about an hour to spare....cleaned, baked and made green pork chile.  They are a great group of guys, ranging in age from 25 all the way to 82 and a very polite, thankful group of gentlemen!!!  I was honored to feed and meet the group.   God blessed us with a wonderful time of visiting, sharing and laughing with a great crew....they had started in the north(Montana) and ended in  our area before heading home.   They had 3 trailers with about 20 head of horses to brand all the cattle they have turned out due to the drought in Texas.  Remind you these men had only been away from home for about a week and got all the branding done.  Great Guys!!!!
Today will be back to the sewing room and work really hard on getting more done for the show and back to making big messes....strewing!!

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  1. The next time you tell me you don't get anything "done" I'm going to kick you! My word, I don't know how you can do all that cooking for so many, and "in an instant"! ... as well as keeping up the prep for the craft show!!