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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catching up?!?!

WOW, the month is nearly over and I am trying to catch up....I made it thru Thanksgiving, a craft show, cancer diagnosis on my dad, our son flying out to Vegas to work the National Rodeo Finals and I am feeling a bit tired.
My booth at the craft fair.....it was busy with lookers, but selling was a bit slow for everyone.  My daughter and I had a great time visiting and spending the day together. 

"Milly"....spent the day helping mommy and gram and great nana  at the craft fair....what a little trooper.  She took a couple naps and visited all our guests....played and was such a good little girl!!!  Gram's weekend was complete!!


  1. 'bout time you showed up! Missed hearing from you. Your booth looks lovely, even if the public didn't buy it all!

    "Milly"? Where did that come from? What a doll!

  2. I did craft shows for 14 yrs. It's a lot of work...before, during and after. When my son was younger he went with me. He would make himself a nest under the table/s with a quilt and his pillow and a few toys. He'd play under there and take naps, sometimes coming out to be cute for the shoppers. :) If he got too restless I'd give him a couple dollars and tell him to go find something he wanted at the other tables...look but don't touch unless he really decided to buy something. Once he came back to the table with an orange pin-dot stuffed bat. The lady knew not everyone would want an orange bat so she reduced the price to what he had. I'll always remember that orange bat and how proud he was of it.

  3. Sorry that the sales weren't the best, but you certainly have an adorable grandbaby.