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Friday, January 13, 2012

Something 'new" from something "old"

This is the challenge--we all have things we are unsure why we have them, why we keep them!  I had a customer give me a pile of grandma/great grandma hankies and wanted to have gifts made of them for siblings.  I got my creative brain locked in and decided to design and make "crazy quilt" wall hangings..everyone will have a piece of each of the hankies for the memory.  They turned out to be a nice size wall hanging that each got for a Christmas give and I got a note that said that all where happy and touched.  Here is what they looked like, I think I posted them when I finished them.
There happen to be about 6 hankies left that I could not bring myself to cut up....they are delicate, beautiful work and well you can see...full of memories.  I talked with the customer and told her that I had an idea about making little bags to give to her daughter/grand daughters as wedding gifts.....Here is what I came up with and they are nice memory keepers for a bride to be from the past!
I'll post a few more and steps on how I make them when I get a few more finished, if anyone is interested.......

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  1. I TOLD you that you had the gift of Creativity! Not everyone has it - the little "pouch" is so lovely. I saw the other hankies and again, never thought you could do anything with them and you proved me wrong! Good job.