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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hard at it...

Hello Ladies......sure have missed you all!!!!
I really have not been putting my blog as a priority...my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so a lot of time has been spent with him and my mom...then Christmas, what a joyous time of the year--isn't it?  I have also been busy quilting and sewing for others....I really haven't had time to do anything for myself.  I like being busy, but I have realized that I am not a person that RELAXES.   Why is that????  I find myself getting nervous and fidgety if I sit very long....I have to be doing something or I feel that I am "wasting time", being lazy.....anyone else have that problem....what to do.....
After visiting with a friend, I realized that I am not the only gal out there that "has to be doing something".  I have a plan to try to do some sewing for myself,, to enjoy life and get back to doing what makes me happy.  That is working with fabric, colors, designing a d quilting.  For now I am finishing up quilts for customers.  So I thought you would like to see what is going on in the studio...."Ms. Betty", my quilting machine, and I have been very busy.....
This quilt was full of color and was 100X110.....I was thrilled that I was able to do whatever I felt would enhance the quilt....I was really unsure about thread color because it was so full of color....I wanted the thread to blend in and not stand out.  I used a blendable that had greys and browns and  I think it turned out pretty nice..
This is one of my favorite quilting patterns....it is easy and fills area quickly.  I was able to get this big quilt done in about 6 1/2 hours.

This quilt was 110X132 and hand pieced... and I decided to do swirls or innies and outies.....whatever you want to call them, they worked well on this quilt.  I used white thread to quilt the over all design. This quilt took about 9 hours to get done.
I will show you the newest quilt on the machine from a lady that just started quilting....It is really fun.  Hope to have it done in the next couple days.  Stay tuned for the newest and FEATHERS.  Lots of feather work!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your Dad's illness, it's good that you could help out, though. I'll pray for you all.
    Your quilts are beautiful, such pretty stitches! The swirls were a good call on this lower one.

  2. Oh, THAT's what you've been up to! Wow, no grass is growing under your feet, but one of these days, we have to figure out that part about "staying busy!" 8-)) But I've said myself that being bored is worse than death! Is there any hope for us?

    Thanks for the photos! 8-))