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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Fever!!

As the last few weeks have passed by, I have come to enjoy the beauty out the Big Open Windows of my home to see the sites of Spring begin to pop up!!!  God blessed us with this home and today I realized it when I looked out my windows to the southeast and saw peace and beauty of life.  With a vision of horses, sunshine and 81* before noon.....that is God's work!!
This makes it hard to stay inside and work.....
Although it has been hard to stay inside, I have a lot of work to get done.....besides the terrible house chores.  I have been busy quilting for others, so I haven't gotten a lot done in the sewing room.

This is a vintage quilt...found a block that is called "Texas Star"....This one was all hand pieced...what an honor to complete this for her!

Finished product and now it is off to be bound.  The cream fabric in this quilt had some very faded letters from the flour sack, but as I quilted it I imagined what the quilter was thinking, doing and it brought to mind the struggles, hardships, joys, pain and times of survival.

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