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Monday, March 5, 2012

Career or Sew?

Career or sew is the question??  I have applied for 2 different positions locally, both have wonderful benefits.....my heart is still pulling me toward not giving up my sewing business.  We all know that when life gets financially tough we will start to pinch our pennies and for someone to pay me to sew on a button, fix a zipper, hem their pants is something they will try to do themselves, but to quilt for them....well, that also is put on the back burner.  I am wanting to be at home to serve others with sewing/quilting for them, but this will have to be done in my spare time for a while, if I get one of these jobs.  What was I thinking that I would be able to stay at home, mind my own business and make others happy with something I loved to do????
We are all given challenges and I feel that the only way we make it thru the difficult times is to hit it head on...fight fire with fire, so with God's blessings I will be taking on a job and hoping to be able to fill my "spare" time with the joy of quilting, sewing, mending, altering for others.  I find that I am staying very busy right now....keeping up and not falling behind in preparation for a possible job.

This vintage tumbling block was brought in to finish quilting....it is so pretty....how do you add to the beauty?

It was fun to think about the lady that started piecing this quilt....love that I am a part of the history....
I love this job.....see why I have a dilemma?  I do believe I need to be a good, productive, helpful partner in today's world....so if God sees me capable of working outside the home, then who am I to challenge that?!?!?!

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  1. I wanted to read what others are saying. For myself ... all those years I worked, I couldn't sew, I WANTED to, but in the end I have the time now, and the financial security to support this quilting/sewing life.

    When we actually retire from the employed life, many of us gals are still very active and involved and can still develop our passion with full determination.

    On the other hand, you COULD make a living with quilting, but would be on the run, traveling, etc., and you'd have to give up other things as well. Such dilemmas.