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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Friends

I have told you a little bit about 2 young ladies that we met about 3 months ago.....so I thought I would introduce them to you.  Nina and Petra are 2 young ladies in their early 20's that decided to venture to America for the first time and we are lucky enough to have met them, spent time with them and enjoyed every minute we had with them.  They are full of joy, adventure and courage!!  They came here to see how things were done in the States...we learned so much from them as they did from us too....
They love animals, but really have a soft spot for horses and loved to ride....they ride English and we are Western, but they adapted well to our saddles and gear.

Nina-on the left is riding my spouse's cutting horse and Petra on the right is riding his go to horse.....Larryetta and Tiny.  They are so happy to ride and be around the horses.....
Can't wait for them to come back....I have found that I really miss their laughs, giggles, questions and conversation--not to mention the time they spent helping me feed cattle, paint the horse barn and eating ice cream!!!!
 A picture of the Girl's last ride in Nebraska....


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  2. (oops - can't spell)

    I had forgotten to ask about those gals. The last photo is really cool - looks old timey, riding off, down the trail!

    I think I recognize two of the ...uhhhh... behinds! 8-)))