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Friday, June 29, 2012

Where does the time go????

Wow, I have realized that there is so little time to get all the things done on a person's "to do" list for one day let alone a lifetime.  Summer has come so fast and about 3 months ago I met two young ladies her visiting from Slovenia....I have grown very fond of these two young ladies and now it is time for them to go back home....I am finding that my heart is feeling sad that they are leaving.  I have enjoyed them so much, learning their culture, language and getting to know them.  They have been spending a lot of time with me feeding cattle, going to town, visiting and painting.  I am feeling very selfish because I don't want them to go home, but they don't have much choice ---- they need to get back to their own family and lives, but I am really going to miss them.  We will keep in touch via Facebook and Blogging.  Technology sure is amazing....I will introduce the girls in a day or two when I get the pictures ready....we are having them over to ride horses on Sunday.....they leave Monday, so I will keep you posted.
Besides that I have been so busy with painting, feeding cows, weeding the garden....I haven't taken time to keep in touch with anyone.  I miss visiting and seeing my friends. 
Until next time.....let God lead your heart!!!

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