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Monday, August 20, 2012

Civil War Collection

 The two quilts you are going to see are from 2 different customers that took the same class.  You are able to see that the same pattern looks totally different; depending upon the color choices.  This is in a Civil War Legacies collection called "Alexander's Bean Pot".  I did not quilt these two quilts with the same motif, but did feel that there are a lot of straight, hard lines and they deserved some curves to balance them. 

Another quilt from the same collection called "Stars to Freedom" was quilted with more quilting on the stars.

The back turned out just as nice as the front.  I enjoyed doing this piece....the customer was easy to work with...she allowed me the freedom to do as I felt.  That is what helps me feel like I am an artist, being free to do as I see. 
Thought these quilts are some really neat patterns and thought I would share the book information with everyone and see what other quilters come up with....I love Civil War Era fabrics and patterns and would love to  see what others are doing.  I haven't had time to piece any for myself, but have really enjoyed quilting for these ladies!!


  1. My dear - these are all beautiful - I have fallen behind on reading - sorry I missed these beauties and your quilting.

    I finished my "I SPY" quilt last night. 8-)) Have a quiet day with you helped to keep the process uncomplicated - thanks again. 8-))