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Monday, October 22, 2012

Back at it!

Wow, I did not realize it had been so long since my last entry.  I can honestly say I have been so busy that time flew by---I have been busy with harvest.  I am back to working at home, so I will try to keep postings updated better.
Besides working harvest....I have been doing a few smaller things for customers in the evenings:
Judy has done this quilt top with all finished 1/2 square triangles being about 1"....

This is the back of the quilt....
This quilt was done with grey and yellow.....this was a baby gift that I quilted for a customer and it was very unique in colors....LOVED this color choice.

The back of the quilt.

This is a table topper for Christmas...she wanted something done with variegated thread on the top....so I went with a subtle thread with light green/cream/pale pink in the center, but on the border I used a green/red variegated....it turned out really nice.  

Up close with the color of threads....
Well, I guess I have somewhat caught you up on what all has been happening in the area of the world, SOMEWHAT....the next posting will be of the new cupboards being installed in my sewing area.  That has become an undertaking....remodeling, setting up a new area and trying to sew/quilt.....That is a story of all its own!!!!!   Until next time ........


  1. Your quilting looks so nice, Chell. Life goes on, it's good to hear you are still marching along with it, lol ~

    1. Thank you....I really have missed blogging. I know that being busy isn't a very good excuse, but I hope that being tired is ;)