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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Thanksgiving for us started out a bit different this year...we had decided to postpone Thanksgiving day with our family to help out with our church families....this was the first year we wanted to serve the community a meal.  My husband and I jumped in and served, cleaned up and enjoyed the blessing we have (thankful).  We then find out that my husband's sister's life was turned upside down in a few seconds.....Her husband, Bud, was outside on a 4 wheeler and had a horrific accident.  Nobody know exactly what happen as no one saw the accident, just the aftermath.  We rushed to Casper to be with my sister in-law and family in ICU.  Things are difficult, but the power of prayer is surrounding them in comfort.  He survived the surgery that released some of the pressure on the brain...there are many things, but right now they are working on the skull fractures/brain injury.  He has a lot going on and we are blessed to know that God is in control of the situation and pray for recovery.  As of yesterday the Doctor has started to take him out of the coma (during the day) and the brain pressure monitor has been take out and a feeding tube put in.  He responded yesterday by holding his wife's hand. 
I am trying to hit the high spots as to not get too wrapped up in details, but we are asking for all the prayer warriors out there to add Linda and Dwayne (Bud) to your prayers....This Christian family knows about miracles and knows God is good!!!

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  1. Even though we spoke earlier, I wanted you to know I read this clearly written post, even though it's awful news. I am thinking of you and your and Dave's family and pray for a positive solution.