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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Most of us know that it is vital to any sewing/quilting studio that we have A LOT of  storage.  I had a plan in mind, but was not able to find any prefabbed cabinets that fit my needs.  I was ready to give in to "whatever" I could find, just to have enclosed storage for the new area.  I mentioned it to my brother in-law and he asked what I wanted and wha la....he came up with a plan and I was thrilled.  He and my sister worked on building my cabinets and then they drive all the way down here not only to deliver, but to install the wonderful additions.....
All the cabinets are in (a corner unit and 3 double door on each side)....it is amazing.  Now that I have done everything BACKWARDS...I may not get the walls textured or painted.  I have gotten cabinets up before texture and paint have been applied.....moved the machines in and "What was I thinking"?  I am thinking about using some chalkboard paint or dry erase paint or even some cork board on a few of the door fronts, so I am able to write things down when customers call....sometimes the brain forgets what it is doing.  What a wonderful invention!!!
 I also have 3 large lights installed, 1 over the sewing machines, 1 over the quilting machine and 1 over the cutting table....with a window on the north...I think there is plenty of light...I am loving the area, but still have lots of organizing to get done.  Most of that will probably wait until after the Holidays.  I am getting backlogged with quilts needing to be done by Christmas, so organizing will have to wait.  Have a great Thanksgiving with family, friends and the blessing you have been given!!


  1. It looks good, Chell, don't worry about what you should have done. The cabinets will be such a blessing when you get going. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great sewing room you will have (do have). I think you were thinking I'll take an opportunity when it presents itself. Your BIL and sister did a great job.

  3. Sitting here, GREEEEEENNNNN with envy! It's turning into a splendid space!!!