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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas in a month.....

Wow, let me start by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.....the month of December is rolling by.  I have been very busy helping others give wonderful handmade gifts for Christmas....I started getting things in Mid November and have gotten everyone finished in time for Christmas. 
 This quilt was in greens and cream.....absolutely gorgeous with all the hand embroidery on it.

 With all the winter scenes with snowflakes and snowmen...I went with an over all snowflake.  I used pearl shimmery thread.  You could see the thread shimmer once in a while, like dancing snowflakes fall on the quilt top.

This quilt came in for a baby...due any day. 
I decided on teddy bears.  This is the back...on top I used a tan-brown multi-colored thread.....

 This one is a Nebraska piece of fleece and so I had to use a fairly loose quilting motif....as I was afraid the fleece may over stretch

With the last name starting with an "S"...I quilted S's throughout....it didn't over stretch or loose its shape.  I was happy with it and the customer seemed to be thrilled with the outcome.
Mater for another....This little guy is going to Texas.  Nick loves the Cars movies and his bathroom is decorated with Cars Movie so adding Mater will be a snap. 
Now I will be working on family things....embroidery machine will be busy and my DM will be getting a little workout also.  I know that the Christmas Season is my favorite Holiday and hope for the joy of Christ in your Christmas, also....

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  1. Oh Chell - these are all wonderful!!! So glad I KNOW you and can use some of your talents and ideas on MY projects as well -- LOL