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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Emotional roller coaster

Well.... The weekend started out with Saturday being my 28th wedding anniversary, and what a ride that has been.  Our lives have not been easy, but when we started putting God first then things changed dramatically and we will be together until we go home. 
Saturday morning our son calls and several of his horses and customer horses broke down a corral and got loose running several miles to a hiway and 3 got hit by a car....the driver was fine (thank God)....but our son's life crumbled...
Then water breaks and baby is coming early.....
Our Grandson was born...such a joy!!  He is in the nicu and mommy and daddy are frightened....
Oh how we want to make our children's lives easy and painless, but knowing that Our Savior is there to pick our kids up, comfort them and lot's of prayers...Little Tipton is doing better.  He will be in the hospital a while, but we know that God is surrounding them with his loving arms. His parents will be taking him home real soon.
Today I am a "published quilter"...
There are so many blessings to see in the eye of any storm if you are willing to see them. 
If you get time jump on over to apqs.com/blog and check out my article....I am really excited to help out new quilters and share some knowledge in the quilting world...Enjoy!!!
Enjoy the blessing God has given you today

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