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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rattle Snake Bite

Today was like any other day....the Chocolate Lab and I feed cattle, come home do some quilting and try to be productive.  Today was a different story--we start to feed cattle, but the bulls got to fighting for a girl and have mixed, so we have to call in the husband (boss and cowboy), he sorts the bulls into their correct pastures and I let the dog get a drink at the tank because it is so hot.  Not paying any attention to the stick laying next to the tank--I hear the dog yelp and run to the pickup.  About 30 minutes later my husband reaches out to pet the dog and she yelps and he tells me she has an ear infections....hogwash, she was fine earlier and they don't come on that fast, but that stick was not by the tank anymore....oh my goodness....her face is the size of a watermelon.  Poor dog she has been bit by a Rattlesnake, so off to the vets.  I get informed that it is a good thing that she has been vaccinated for rattlesnake because it keeps the venom from attacking the organs.  She is swollen and drooling, miserable but will be fine.
 Before the snake bite....she is happy
 After the snake bite she is huge....had to take off the collar to keep from choking her....poor, brave girl!!!
She will stay in the garage tonight with the air conditioner running and lots of water.  She will take antibiotics and steroids for the next 5 days and hopefully all will be back to normal.
But then we get home and she goes to the water bucket and what does she find???????? A MAD BULL SNAKE...scared the poor dog so bad she ran to the garage door to come inside.
And with all this I didn't get any of them killed...they all got away, I am not a very good hunter!!


  1. Yes, she DOES look a little peculiar in her face, and a good bit under the weather, poor thing! Thank goodness for vaccinations!!!

    Do YOU keep HUMAN snake bite antivenom at the house??? Yikes!

  2. No...it is too expensive and doesn't store for long periods of time. We are going to be really sick if we get bit.