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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Storm are you in?

Today something was brought to my attention that I have not thought about.....maybe it would make others think, too.  Pastor taught on Matthew 14:22-23 today....he spoke about faith, fear and how fear gets in the way of our faith....but when he spoke of the storm that is what spoke to me most.  He talks about the storms and how Peter had faith to walk on water, but when he started to "fear", then he began to sink....He asked us if our storms come from being faithful to God's word or are we like Jonah and when God gives us a job, do we say "no thanks", I'll try it my way.  Got me to thinking about my storms- Am I in the storm because I am doing what God has asked of me or am I in the storm because I am defying what God has asked of me??????
I find that most of the time it is because I think and don't do what is asked of me...this shows little FAITH!!!
I relate this to my quilting, I had little faith in my God given ability to be creative and use the talents He has given me.  When I took that leap of faith I found that He rewarded me with an amazing talent.....so, for the lesson I have learned: ask yourself are you in a storm because you are faithful or defiant??

The latest coming off the machine:

 Carolyn's quilt....she modified a "One Block Wonder"

An up close picture of one block and the quilting

The back of her quilt....
I thought the quilt had a "60's" look, so I went with a flower quilting ...... using a variegated thread on the top and a multicolored red thread in the bobbin.  I enjoyed working with this quilt and I really like it when customers say "you quilt what you feel would look the best".  Thanks for all the freedom and don't forget to think about your position in the next "storm" in your life!


  1. Lovely photos, but it is difficult to read the actual post. My old eyes struggle with the font.

  2. My word, Chell - you need to capitalize on THESE talents -- perhaps some of your other talents might need to take second place to this lovely work!!! Carolyn may have found HER best talent as well!

    I agree with Nancy about the font - it's very attractive, but I'm finding it difficult to read -- old eyes here as well.

  3. Thanks ladies....taken and will change the font. I am sorry that you have struggled with the post, maybe you will enjoy it more now.

  4. Great reminder of using God's gifts to the fullest. I challenge my students to "always do your best," and try to do the same. God blesses and guides even in the storm if we seek Him!
    Your work is beautiful on Carolyn's quilt ~