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Monday, October 29, 2012

Suzie's gift

I got in a quilt that was pieced by a lady that wanted to give it to her daughter as a wedding gift.   She needed it done by the 1st of  November and I asked her when she was getting married and she said "last year".....I loved that comment so much I had to pass it on.  How many times do we start a project that we think we can get done "on time" and then find ourselves disappointed by how long it takes????
She outdid herself....she went with a King Size and a tough pattern, but it turned out amazing and I was so thrilled to be a finishing part to this project:

Complete top.....
Close-up....of the corner

Close-up of the front and back....I used a pano graph on this....I really like this pattern of the dancing feathers.  It is a tight quilting pattern and uses a lot of thread.  I used 13 bobbins on this quilt.  I think it turned out really nice!!

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  1. Can you FEEL how green I am with envy to see your studio shaping up so beautifully? The the big quilt especially is simply wonderful!!!