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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A few pieces of eye candy

I had no idea how quickly time passes....I saw that I had not posted in a month...what happen to the time.  As most of you know I was a stay at home gal, quilting and working here...from quilts to horses, calves and errand girl.  Well, I took on a job near here doing computer work, just a little something to do to get me away from the place and a little extra income that will have some benefits(hopefully).  So with all that I am really behind in posting.  The quilting room is busy, busy, busy and I find that posting is low on the list.  I think that I will be cuting back on the outside job hours and will be quilting A LOT more.   Just a few of the 12 quilts that I have done in the last 2 months.  These are all customer quilts!!!

I really enjoy all the tops that come in...as well as the customers that have trusted me to put a finishing touch on their masterpiece.  I have a terrific job working for all of you!!!
Next a run on baby quilts....I believe there has been A LOT of babies born....I have been quilting baby quilts like crazy.


  1. Hey - yes, time gets by, doesn't it? I am guilty of saying I had more time when working than now, when retired! Dang!

    LOVE that blue green quilt - sure would like to see the stitches in future projects - huh, huh, maybe??????

  2. I have up close photos...just thought it would bore people....I can do that!!!