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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Decision, Decisions, Decisions

I got this quilt top in from a lady who made a "crown royal bag" quilt....This was her first quilt and really had a great idea.  It was made for her son as a wedding gift and I was lucky enough to be asked to quilt it.
Picture of the whole quilt after it was taken off the machine.

Close-up of a corner area

Close-up of just a clock and the sashing...
The only stipulation she had was that I could not quilt over the words and she wanted to see the thread.   I chose a variegated thread with the golds with a touch of purples in it.  I really liked how it turned out.
I don't know how many of you ever wonder if you have made the right decision.  When it comes down to "did I really want to do that?" or "should I have done that?"....I am a huge "what if" person.  I am finding that this should not be questions I am asking myself if I am a believer.  Now, why on earth do I ask myself these questions....why is it that we can not be happy with the decisions we make and know it is a good one????
I sometimes ask myself this even on simple things such as choosing fabrics to put together, quilting motifs on a quilt....I have found that lately I am so full of questions about why and what if...I think it is mid life!!! 
The only answer I have come up with is that I am taking what God has given me and asking Him a whole lot of questions that He is probably wanting me to trust...so the best advice I can give is to sit back, fasten the seat belt and enjoy His blessings.


  1. hmmm, should I comment to Chell, or ... not comment ... who would care or .... uhhhh .... See? we all do that! Just LOOK at those beautiful swirls, girl - no one could do anything more beautiful and professional than that!!! You ARE an artist, stop questioning yourself - the result of this beauty cannot be questioned! LOVE it!

  2. You have done a GREAT job, I love your quilty swirls!

  3. Elaine, you make me chuckle....that is what we all need to remember---laugh, make the decision and move on...it will turn out just fine. Elaine and Pokey thank you for the sweet comments!