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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting ready for baby

Finding out that our daughter and her husband are giving us our first grandchild, so ....... grandma got busy.  I have not done much for DM quilting, so here goes----- Our family is a true ranch family and true cowboys, so this fabric was a great choice for a quilt.  The salmon fabric was a little plain, so thought I'd use my embroidery machine and add some saddles.

 Then I found some sulky thread that had all the colors needs, so I used a teardrop type motif all over the body of the quilt.  Not too bad for the first try!!

This is a crib size quilt and it didn't take as long as I had thought, so on to the borders.  This quilt has two--salmon that I put hearts and swirls in it and then the yellow border I tried my hand at J hooks.  Not bad!!


 Now I am working on the binding.  I am hand sewing on a yellow binding.  I am moving on to another one to see what new things I can come up with.
I must say that the quilting world really push long arm quilting, but I am finding that my domestic machine, Pfaff C1100, is doing just fine--think I'll keep it.
I plan on working on a couple small projects and then I am going to move to a larger quilt.  Working on small projects and seeing that I am successful gives me the courage to go BIG!!!  


  1. Welcome to the quilt blog world. It's great fun to see what everyone is doing. I'm in NE Nebr. & have been working at using my stash making Bonnie Hunter quilts and string quilts for the Heartstrings group.

  2. you Panhandle ladies are full of talent. Love the quilt. Enjoy being a Grandma very green face here ;(

  3. Popped over from Elaine's blog. You will find blogging fun and a good way to "meet" quilters from all over the world.

  4. Wow - the quilting is beautiful! and the quilt is darling with the saddle embroidery. Your banner looks fammiliar - I've seen that view a time or two!

  5. Gorgeous little quilt, and I'm so impressed by your quilting. I'm still meandering. Welcome to blogging.

  6. Thanks ladies for all the "pats on the back". I found that just practicing helped me feel like I can "do it". So, I find that I really can!

  7. Welcome to the Blogworld!
    I will be your follower.
    Love your quiltimg, very well done!
    Hugs from Brazil