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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I won't be cooking much until Friday and Saturday.  It is difficult for us to get together with family for 1 day, so we will be celebrating on Saturday.  My blog may be slowing down for a little while, because we are finally going to be able to close on our first property on Dec. 2nd.  I still am praying that all is going to go smoothly and this will really happen.  We have been thru many trials and tribulations to get to this point in our lives.  May our Lord, Jesus, give us the blessing of signing on that dotted line this time.  This means you may be following me thru the move.  The tear down of my sewing room and the re-build.  What a mess this is going to be!!!!!  I so badly want to have this done.  Oh, to top all things off ---- we are suppose to close on Dec. 2nd and we fly out for our very 1st family vacation on Dec. 8th.  We are needing to find peace with all the mess and whirlwind.

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  1. She posted! Yeahhhh - glad to hear you are still truckin' along!

    Wherever you land on for Thanksgiving, hope it's nice and pieceful.