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Saturday, July 2, 2011


The twisted sister top is done.....I found a piece of fabric in my stash that I had bought 2 1/2 yds of.....well, it will work as the border, NICE!!   Before adding the borders, I felt the quilt was a little........LOUD, but the border helped calm all the colors.  I have a pink that will be used to add piping right next to the binding.   Now,  I am just thinking to myself that the left over border fabric will be great to use as binding.  I really don't know what happen, but I have lost the rest of that fabric-I could have swore that I put the extra in the organized area of batiks....I CAN'T FIND IT TO SAVE MY LIFE!!   I can honestly say that my sewing room is pretty organized and it should be easy to find.   I hope I do not have to go to the dumpster and dive for it.....what could I have done with that??????  REALLY, am I that forgetful??!!

Started out thinking I would do a wall hanging or nothing bigger than a throw.............I ended up with a quilt that is 82X108, just a bit bigger than planned, but without borders it looked so small, so I kept adding.  My husband came in and it was laying there and he said "maybe you didn't need to add those last few rows"?  He sure knows exactly what to say to make a gal think he is "special".             
If you look carefully, you can see I wasted nothing.  Every once in a while I threw in a srappy block...4 different wedges made up of extras.  It isn't too noticeable and no waste!!    Hope to start quilting on it today!!                                                                                                                                                  


  1. It's a great finish! Nice Job

  2. The peach is PERFECT between the quilt center and outside border. I'll bet you find the extra fabric for the binding, the minute you cut a substitute! It's a wonderful and beautiful project and especially since it's nearly done!

  3. I decided to enter this quilt in the fair. I can't wait to see what the comments are from the judges. I am sure they will be a learning tool!