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I am a Grandma with a passion for beauty, joy and life. Finding yourself seems to be the answer to a joyous heart, peaceful soul and quilting does this for me. Putting the Lord first in life keeps me grounded.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

#2 of 3 Crazy Hankie quilts

I have decided to work today as long as my spouse was out........I really wish he would get home, I have been at it since 6 this morning and I am pooped!!  I think I need to quit before I make mistakes.  I finished the second of the 3 quilts....hope to finish #3 tomorrow.

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  1. Chell -

    THanks for checking out my blog. Yes - she did give us the yard of fabric for $2.99 but it took her about 5 minutes to decide what she was going to do! Our reason for being upset wasn't that she wanted to charge us $8.99 but that she was accusing us of changing the price! Rude!

    Have a great week!