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Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Hankies

I was asked to make a few small wall hangings for a customer.....How hard can it be??? When I went to visit my customer, she had a stack of hankies and said to make whatever I wanted, but she would like to have 2 and 3 if possible...I looked at the stack and thought "I can come up with something, after all I am a creative woman."
I came up with this idea of making a crazy quilt!! I was very nervous to cut up vintage hankies, but thought it would be good to have each quilt have a piece of each hankie.
One Done and Two to Go!!


  1. You ARTIST!!!! I couldn't imagine it when you told me, but the result is absolutely wonderful!!! Brilliant!

  2. Forgot -- did you put a backing on any of the thin ones???

  3. Not individual backing....I used one large backing and then added to the bigger square until it was completely covered with pieces. Some of the hankies hang over the edges for a unique edge!