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Monday, August 22, 2011

Persian Star

I tried a new pattern....Persian Star, which has a beautiful star....3-D.  I found this a fun little project, something different.  I made it into a wall hanging!!
This was a project that has all straight seams with no "Y" seams.  It was a quick project....as long as you keep it small. 


  1. It's beautiful.

    Hard to believe it doesn't have "Y" seams.

  2. I found a way around the "Y". But then you have a 3-D look....the edges are not attached they are free. It is by folding the fabric in the seam and then pressing it open!!!

  3. Hey, it's dimensional? Cool!!! Lovely!

    I spend Sunday on the Serendipity Quilt - had a few blocks that needed some "adjustment".

    Today, if possible, I'm starting that scrappy thing I showed you, with the black star from the cover of the book. I've already cut the foundations. 8-)