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Friday, August 5, 2011


Here we go.......all are finished and the customer picked them up this morning.  I have to be honest I was really not sure how this would turn out, but I have learned a lesson from this job!!  I took on a few projects that I had been unsure of....I got the "what are you thinking", "give them back and run away" and "you really can't do anything with those"....most of these are the same things I was thinking I was feeling pretty unsure of my own abilities, but I decided that I would not let this customer down, so I took the challenge.  I decided that I would complete these project to the best of my ability for a lady that found a piece of the  family "treasure".  They are a grandmother's hankies and unfinished quilt....the top was done, but it was rough.  The top of the quilt was stained from being stored, all had been hand stitched, not very straight, puckered  and many things had been cut on the bias......I was really concerned about how I would be able to help preserve the customer's memories of the past  and help her "treasures"to shine in her future.   I really wasn't sure how to showcase or incorporate a pile of "old" hankies....and a top of a quilt that was just, well..... a "mess".  After SEVERAL hours.....over 100...I got 3 crazy quilts made from the hankies she had saved as well as a quilt top quilted and bound.    The quilt actually lays flat and doesn't look too bad....just goes to show--if you are determined to Help a person with their "treasures"  anything is possible.

Her grandma's quilt that was hand pieced

Vintage hankies that I made 3crazy quilt wall hangings.
I was pleased when she came to get the projects and she said "they are absolutely beautiful"!  When she touched the hankies....as if she was remembering grandma using them and she  was pleased with the outcome--I knew I had done the job she needed.  Sometimes we have to remember that we are artists also!! 


  1. Take a bow for your hard work. They turned out beautifully. Nice Job!

  2. Oh Chell, I am still astonished you could actually quilt that quilt without taking out blocks, making huge darts, pleats, etc.

    To your readers, if you all saw that quilt to begin with, you'd have thrown it out!!! What tenacity you have girl!

    The those hankies? Girl, you are courageous!!! The end result is 1000 times better than what you started with. So glad the owner kept her memories of her Grammy. 8-))