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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Our son asked me to make his friend a Pink and White quilt for their new baby....born a week ago.  I picked up the fabric on Friday at the Quilt Corral outside Hill City, SD.....just a little trip.  I had a great time with one of my best quilting friends....  Here she is after our lovely lunch at the Alpine Inn, (she's a great cook)!!
We had a lovely lunch, conversation and a wonderful desert!!!
While on our adventure I purchased the 3 middle pieces for the baby quilt....the checked fabric at the top is flannel that I will use for the back and add some rickrack for some added interest!!
I started the quilt this morning and have accomplished getting the top done....ready for quilting and the final touches. I was going to do that tomorrow, but have to go help put up corn...canning season on top of everything, uhg!!
Quilt top!
Maybe I will get it totally finished on Saturday. Need to get back to some other projects!!


  1. What a darling quilt and gift. You must be SuperMom to make this and plan on canning, too.

  2. Look at you go! That is a s-w-e-e-t baby quilt. I love it when a plan works out smoothly ~

  3. Aw, I wanted to send you an answer back for visiting at my place, but you don't have your email listed...thank you for sayin' hi!

  4. I'm in such a fog, and was reading about "someone" making a pink quilt, just like Chell - duhhhhh - what a dufus I am this morning!

    Anyway, the little quilt turned out really nice, feminine. So glad you/we worked on the fabrics for all that time - it's lovely. Hope it suits what your sone had in mind.