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I am a Grandma with a passion for beauty, joy and life. Finding yourself seems to be the answer to a joyous heart, peaceful soul and quilting does this for me. Putting the Lord first in life keeps me grounded.

Monday, May 28, 2012


I have truly enjoyed getting in quilts from ladies that are wanting help quilting their finished products....I have found that I enjoy putting the finishing touches on these beautiful pieces of art.  I have been called an "ARTIST"....who me, I just have a good time sewing all over a quilt top.  Have you really stopped to think that we are ARTISTS?  We create beauty and love what we do, no matter how perfect, ugly or creative!!!
This is the latest to come off the machine.  It turned out really nice....the customer took oriental fabric and placed the black sashing between the pieces to give the window affect.  Blacks and gold, so I decided to come back in with a mustard gold to quilt over the whole quilt to bring it all together.  With all the straight lines in the piecing, I came back with a lot of curves in the quilting!!!  Feathers and swirls, they look soft and elegant.
 The borders of her quilt


  1. YES - YOU are the artist!!! I told you that some years ago - do you believe me now?????

    This is gorgeous - you have definitely found your niche!!!

  2. I do and I should be saying thank you....you are the one that pushed me to let go and try!!!!! I am super happy that you are such a great saleslady.