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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back from the depths!!

Oh my goodness, I feel as if I am back from the depths of total loss!!!  I have been without a computer for a while: it started with my computer not wanting to download onto the blog and then slowly began shutting down whenever it felt the need --- yes, just shut off, nothing but black screen.  I got tired of fighting it, so I took it in to find that a part of my hard drive was starting to fail.....well, this mean--GET A NEW SOMETHING!!! I got a new hard drive and I am back up and running.
Here are a few things you missed:
Well, I got a coupe for some chickens moved in from down the road....and got 5 laying hens, a rooster and that just didn't seem like enough, sooooooooo I went shopping and bought 4 little one to add to it, but that still just didn't seem like there would be very many eggs when they all grew up, so I went back and got another 21......Now we are in the chicken business.  Love to watch them and love to here the rooster crow in the mornings and most of the day!!!
Rooster: AKA-Paint.....he is so pretty and his tail feathers have a green tint to them

The man of the yard watching his ladies

A few of the new additions to the crop!!

Penny seems to like her new home.....I am waiting on the egg!!!
Ok.....I know it is crazy to want chickens, but I love watching them and they are so funny....you should see when there is a miller in the light--simple country life--but many times it is a joy!!  \
This is just one more chore on the list of many.  My loving spouse says..."how bout some pigs"....had those when our kids showed, but really didn't seem to like them around much...they are so ungrateful and make terrible messes, NO THANKS!!!  Horses, dogs, chickens and cattle that is about all we can handle and sometime I think we are running crazy now....so until next time, enjoy the gifts God has given you!!


  1. I am so HAPPY to see you BACK, and also happy to see the additions! Yes, Paint is quite the handsome dude! I agree about the pigs -- be glad for what you have! LOL

    1. That is exactly what I think.....I can drive to the store for PORK!