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Friday, May 25, 2012

Talking about ugly

The word "ugly" is used in so many different ways.....that is an ugly face, that looks ugly, she was acting ugly.....however you use ugly, is what I think about the latest project.  I absolutely love reproduction civil war fabric, so I decided to use all the civil war fabrics I have collected to make a "scrappy" quilt.  I had gotten a jellyroll, so that was the start of the design....2 1/2 inch strips, what an easy start and I love fall colors, so I had several yards of a rust color fabric....that reminded me of a civil war color....so I started sewing the strips together in a log cabin type design, alternating the civil war fabrics and the rust fabric....This is the result:
The pink sticks out like a bloody nose....then I thought that when I got it quilted it would work just fine....

this is the design throughout the quilt....the borders have different quilting....the quilting is nice!  I will bind it in the rust and hopefully pull it all together, but there are times you get done with a top and think "what was I thinking".....that is exactly what I thought.

This is what I quilted in the 2 borders.....like the quilting, just think I should not have used the rust, but what can you say after it is all done?! 
Our son likes it, so he will be warm this winter....and there is love poured into it!!


  1. Oh gosh - it does lack something, doesn't it? Yes, too much of that rusty color, but the design is wonderful, your quilting is wonderful, and it's DONE! It's not UGLY, it's just not your usual gorgeous! 8-))

  2. I also think that the lighter border, trying to tone it down didn't help either.....Yes it is done and it will be bound as soon as I get a few extra minutes to breath!!!