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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some of the local wildlife

We have had a little family of foxes that have moved in just up the road....about 50 yards from my chicken....but they are so sweet that I can't see getting rid of them.
They are so precious even tho it is eating a chicken, not mine......

On the way to feed cows, about 11 miles from my house, I see a swift fox and she has 4 babies....the babies went back into the den before I could get a picture of them, but I caught the mom....will try to follow up with babies soon.

I love watching the moms take off to get you away from the den and the babies....they are protecting them by trying to lure you away!!

Thought you might want to see some of the other babies I have to work around....besides cows and calves...this is the other part of my job:

These are all being shipped to breeders, so I won't see babies until after the mom's are bred and ready to come home....I love having the babies around...they are so sweet!!


  1. BIG thank you Chell - I've only seen a real fox (wild) one time, on the way to Pat's (LQS)! What is a Swift Fox vs. a 'regular' fox?

    Love the horses and youngsters. Thanks!

  2. What fun to get the time to catch up with you and the "wildlife" critters around you (I read the chicks post too). The foxes are very pretty, I sure hope they do not get to your chickens! I agree, we must needs be grateful for the wonder God has given us ~