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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We walked to the MGM and saw the LION display!!  There was the trainer and then behind us happen to be another young man in there -- I am sure for security for the trainer.  They hand feet these gals.  Inside there are a couple of baby cubs and you are allowed for a nominal fee you could get your picture with the baby. 
Video from the Rodeo Finals Grand Entry. The light show for the performance was pretty neat.  Being at the Rodeo was way more fun that watching it on TV.  When they go to commercial on TV--there is a whole lot going on in the arena.  TV only shows the hi-lights.  We loved it and someday hope to be able to go back.  The best part was to see the faces of my family and see the smiles.

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  1. I'm with you, the Rodeo in Las Vegas is a great show in person. My Larry even caught on of the hats they throw up into the stands. I've been to small town rodeos where I took a book, and read between programs! :-}pokey