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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update on the move

My internet will be up and running tomorrow at my new home, so I am hoping to update you with a few photos on the move, the sewing rooms are difficult to tear down and then set up again.  I am wanting to do some work in the new house on the sewing room, but both time and money are going to make that difficult.  If I wait until I have the money I may not get to set it up for a few months, so I am going to go with what I have.   I was really wanting to rip out the new carpet and put in a tile or wood floor and have counter top for my sewing surface, but I am going to us the 2- 8" tables I have and leave the carpet for now and be happy that I have a place to sew and peace.

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  1. I need YOU to show me how to update a photo in my banner. This one is so cool!

    We just never can get things perfect. "going to go with what ya have" sounds good to me.

    I'm watching for vacation/rodeo photos, when you have time.