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Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank Heaven

Here we are a week to Christmas and I have gotten everything moved to our new home, but still have the organizing. I must tell you that it is quite an undertaking to get a sewing room packed, moved and set up again the way you want it. Most of us want a room that is organized and everything in its place. I am one of those and so I tried very hard to pack in an orderly manner, but after getting home from a vacation I found that I just wanted to be moved. Yep, I found myself just putting things in boxes to get it done!!
All cleaned out!!!
Now on to the new home with all my STUFF- and I mean ALL!
The new room is the same size, but feels smaller. I am wanting to build in a counter top and under counter storage. This will have to wait until our finances regroup. For now I am using 2 8ft tables in a "L" shape.
Love the closet, from top to bottom is full of organizing shelving. I am ready to get my sewing room up and going. I want to get things done, so I am going to start this week getting it ready. Enough for today and maybe in the next couple days I will upload vacation pictures. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!


  1. One step at a time! You've gotten the hardest part DONE -- getting there! 8-))

  2. You are so right, and we are safe in all the trials