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Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year Christmas came early. We had promised our 2 kids that when they both turned 21 we would take the whole family to Vegas to the National Rodeo Finals. Well, we held up our end of the deal. I took pictures and tried to record our 2010 Christmas. There are lots of memories, but wasn't allowed to take as many pictures as I would have liked. I have been slacking on the pictures to Vegas. I looked thru the pictures and I thought you may not like what I had, but I have had a few requested and I DID PROMISE!!!
This is the the Hotel we stayed in on the strip. Near the New York New York, MGM, Tropicana. We had a great time just walking and seeing the sites.
We walked down to the Belagio and watched the light/water show about 10:30pm. It was amazing and very powerful.
Our main purpose to visit the "sin city" was for the rodeo finals. We, my husband, son, pregnant daughter and her husband, had a great time and enjoyed everything we did. A few photos of the grand entry to one of the nights we attended.
One of the nights we went Charlie Daniels performed and it was just amazing, but I left the camera in the Hotel room, WHO DOES THAT?????? Our son-in-law was about to cry, he loves his music!!

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  1. My word, girl, the water show is an amazing photo! Good to see some of what YOU saw.

    Hope your are inside and staying warm, out of the weather. Poor Dave! Poor cattle with this soon-to-be blizzard!